Val (justa_girrl) wrote in life_or_death,

Okay I've come to the conclusion that life is a giant board game. Our objectives are to make it to the finish line... to win. To succeed. In this board game we face many challenges, obstacles... problems in our life, including bankruptcy, failure to succeed, and simply bad luck (or in the game terms, a bad roll on the dice.) We must make decisions, and accept that sometimes our strategic moves can hurt someone else's life... much like that in monopoly when you buy Board Walk and Park Place, and place 3 houses on each. It's good for you, but you're affecting someone else's life. Some people may never get to finish this game, obstacles were too much for them, ended on the streets, ended unsuccessful, ended a failure... much like a board game. But in the end, the one who succeeds is the one with power, with status, and holds respect and some jealously. For example a movie star. We as society look up to these people because they have succeeded, and played strategically, whereas some people choose to be jealous and say nasty words about these people more successful then they'll ever be--- A sore loser. Well these winners just kick back and relax and watch the other opponents struggle to succeed. Much like a board game.</
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