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Here's a survey thing that Kara gave me, that she got from Kenny.(I don't wanna use LJ-cut)

I'm tired...I just got back from a feild trip, like, an hour ago...
Well, for photoclub. We went to Roger Williams was pretty...we took lots of pictures...IT exauhsted me lots. We didn't look at aminals (animals) though...
We just looked at the other stuff (thankgoodness though...I got sick of aminal feild trips last year in 7th
My tummy hurts. :(



Full name:Molly Katherine McGinn
Nickname: Mollz, Molly Wolly, Molty, Molly Wolly think that's mean one is Fatgirl.
Sex: female
Age: 13
Birthday: September 1, 1988
Sign: virgo
Height: 5'4"-5'5"
Natural hair color: brown
Eye color: hazel
Location: Rhode Island
Grade: 8
School: Martin Middle
Siblings: Brother- Matt, half brothers- Kevin, Jeff


Fav color: Blue/Red/Purple/anything sparkly
Fav actor: Ben Afleck, Josh Hartenette.
Fav actress: Drew Barrimore, Cameron Diaz, Brittney Murphie.
Fav male singer/s: Brandon Boyde(sp?)

2.Bizzy D?
3. um...

Fav female singer:1. Shakira.
2.Alicia Keyes
3.Gwen Stefani
Fav band/s:1. Dawson High
2. Juliana Theory
3. Saves The Day
Fav song: Tiny Dancer- Elton John
Fav movie: Big money hustlas(even though i don't like, any of those peoples(sort of, I guess)), Fight club
Fav hobby: Watch TV, and sit on my ass and make myself even
Fav sport: none...I hate sports
Fav video game: nothing.
Fav food:
Fav candy: M&M's
Fav gum: Winterfresh
Fav flower: White Rose
Fav animal: Doggies/Fishies/Hampsters


Do you believe in....
Angels: yes
Ghosts: er...i guess?
Heaven: yes
Hell: yes
God: yes
Satan: er...I guess?
Aliens: no
Fairies: yes
Vampires: no
Any fairy tale creature: yes

*A little more personal*

Do you sleep with any stuffed animals (if so what?): sometimes...a pink bear.
Do you have a crush on anyone (if so who?): I used to like Josh P.
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Nope...boys don't like me. :'(
Are you a virgin: Yep
Do you do drugs: er...kind of

Have you ever.....
Gotten drunk: nope
Done drugs: yup
Got into a fight: er..sort of..if you count me and kara in woodshop
Had sex: nope
Got arrested: nope
Got lost: yeah
Got shot: nope
Got stabbed: kinda
Had a job: nope
Had surgury: no


Who is your best friend: Kara, Alex
Who are some of your good friends: Kara , mary beth, jessica, Sammie, Fred (nicole), Erin, Megan, Jessica F, Nancy..and so on.

Do you think
about the person that sent this to you offline?:I kind of have to, she's my best friend. lol
Do you like the person who sent this to you?:She's my best friend
Would you ever go out with the person who sent this to you?: lol--sorry kara, but i don't swing that way.
Would you ever kiss the person who sent this to you?: ^^^
Would you ever do anything else?:hang out, lol.

Who is your...........Friend
Loudest: Jessica
Quitest: me
Most normal: erin
Most trustworthy: Kara
Weirdest: fred (nicole)
Craziest: mary beth
Funniest: all of them (most of all Megan...bbut kara makes me laugh more)
Oddest: Kara
Smartest: Kara (to me she is)
Hottest: er...
Dependable: Kara
Honest: KAra
Boring: Erin
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