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10:29pm 03/05/2006
  Look, I don't want to wax philosophic, but I will say that if you're alive you've got to flap your arms and legs, you've got to jump around a lot, for life is the very opposite of death, and therefore you must at very least think noisy and colorfully, or you're not alive.  
Live or Die???
01:34pm 21/01/2005
mood: annoyed
I think people read way to much into things... doing one thing with a certain meaning and then some one out of the blue asuming some shit that never was intended....well i think that alot of people are self centered and see everything directed towards themselves and always looking for sympathy.... so yeah
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06:36pm 03/12/2004
  Okay I've come to the conclusion that life is a giant board game. Our objectives are to make it to the finish line... to win. To succeed. In this board game we face many challenges, obstacles... problems in our life, including bankruptcy, failure to succeed, and simply bad luck (or in the game terms, a bad roll on the dice.) We must make decisions, and accept that sometimes our strategic moves can hurt someone else's life... much like that in monopoly when you buy Board Walk and Park Place, and place 3 houses on each. It's good for you, but you're affecting someone else's life. Some people may never get to finish this game, obstacles were too much for them, ended on the streets, ended unsuccessful, ended a failure... much like a board game. But in the end, the one who succeeds is the one with power, with status, and holds respect and some jealously. For example a movie star. We as society look up to these people because they have succeeded, and played strategically, whereas some people choose to be jealous and say nasty words about these people more successful then they'll ever be--- A sore loser. Well these winners just kick back and relax and watch the other opponents struggle to succeed. Much like a board game.</  
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06:49pm 15/11/2004
mood: guilty of enjoying life
People have to make the decision to live everyday. I have asked the same question that crosses most of our minds every now and then, "Why should i stay alive? its pointless." and yet i think what would have happened or will happen if i live and my curiousity wins every time. I figure if you can go through the worst and make it out ok you are a very good person. No one else can change that. You can not control others! ....just your self andlive life for alll its worth! HELL YEAH!
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11:17pm 25/09/2004
mood: depressed
HEY, i'm new in this community so yea...well i dont know at between life or death at the moment i choose death but then again i think about the future and life is it pointless? i mean u die anyways so why now NOW? i'm only 14 but still my life sucks! i'm always confused and everything is going to shit...i have so many temptation just to die but its hard because i rly dont want to...u know? like my life can get better and i hope it will but at the moment i am rly depressed...all i do is fail all my classes, loose friends, hate my parents and have them hate me, write dark poetry, listen to suicidal music, and cut my legs...what a great life...:(
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life is what you make of it 
09:34pm 26/07/2004
mood: amused
life is only what you make of it .....nothing less and nothing more.....make it what you please....just don't make the wrong decision....peace
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my 2 cents 
10:23pm 03/07/2004
  I find it interesting that you can become so close to some one that you don't truely know. I tend to see that a lot of people are in realationships because they have had a hard life and they are looking for someway to get away form their past and find a way tofill in the hole that are in their lives. I can see that some people hurt axtremely bad and that they are to scared to tell any one about what is wrong. Alot of people think that they are week when they take sympathy from others......that is what i have noticed in my event filled day....peace  
Live or Die???
10:01am 13/05/2004
  I LOVE TAX MAN!!! i so can not wait to go to their concert on june 4!!!! o btw. im katie and im new. AIM screen name--> rmschick05~  
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04:42pm 30/04/2004
mood: indifferent
I have just joined this community. Though i haven't seen amyrecent up dates and it appears to have some real people in it...
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Living death or Dying life? 
04:15pm 26/04/2004
mood: artistic
Sometimes I think about life and death and there is one question that always "attack" my mind: What is more important: live for one thing or die for that thing?
Both transmit a great affection...maybe only together we can show how special that thing is for us...that's why I don't mind to die...'cause I had a life. It will be painful but...at least I was here.
Live or Die???
09:24am 05/01/2004
  Upside down or rightside up?

YOu tell me.

This is the tattoo I plan on getting on the back of my neck. I am new here, and very interested in what membership in this community brings :D
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Life or Death? 
06:59pm 19/09/2002
mood: bored
Think about it for a minute.
What does it matter if your dead or alive anyway?
Sure people around you might matter some.
Death seems to play a much bigger part then life.
Because there's no knowing of what comes next or what it's like.
People feel more secure 'alive' because they're familiar with their surroundings.
Familiar with the faces and settings around them.
To an extent they know what happens.
So death being the oposite, what happens?
People say it's better, people say it's worse.
But why even bother thinking or worrying about it when your not going to know anything about it untill you get there?
I, personally, think optimism is a load of bullshit.
But why sit here wasteing your time thinking about something you can never have an answer to unless you experience it?
At the most, come up with endless possibilities.
In answer to the question, 'Life or Death?'
I don't think it matters at all.
It's the frame of mind you choose to go with.
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12:11am 18/08/2002
mood: sick
ok well SOMEONE ANYONE need to post in here or get some new people??? please were like dieing here well uh nvm scary er well uh please??? i love you??? maybe?
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05:26pm 26/05/2002
  we really have to make this community something it really sucks right now so if all you people want to tell any one about it go a head we need lots of new people  
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hi hi 
10:19pm 23/05/2002
mood: morose
Hi hi! i'm new. I'm pretty interesting i think..if you want to read my journal, lemme know..it's pretty much friends only.

Ta ta

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Here's a survey thing that Kara gave me, that she got from Kenny.(I don't wanna use LJ-cut) 
02:34pm 04/05/2002
mood: aggravated
I'm tired...I just got back from a feild trip, like, an hour ago...
Well, for photoclub. We went to Roger Williams Park...it was pretty...we took lots of pictures...IT exauhsted me lots. We didn't look at aminals (animals) though...
We just looked at the other stuff (thankgoodness though...I got sick of aminal feild trips last year in 7th grade....lol)
My tummy hurts. :(



Full name:Molly Katherine McGinn
Nickname: Mollz, Molly Wolly, Molty, Molly Wolly Doodle-all-the-day...um..I think that's it...um..the mean one is Fatgirl.
Sex: female
Age: 13
Birthday: September 1, 1988
Sign: virgo
Height: 5'4"-5'5"
Natural hair color: brown
Eye color: hazel
Location: Rhode Island
Grade: 8
School: Martin Middle
Siblings: Brother- Matt, half brothers- Kevin, Jeff


Fav color: Blue/Red/Purple/anything sparkly
Fav actor: Ben Afleck, Josh Hartenette.
Fav actress: Drew Barrimore, Cameron Diaz, Brittney Murphie.
Fav male singer/s: Brandon Boyde(sp?)

2.Bizzy D?
3. um...

Fav female singer:1. Shakira.
2.Alicia Keyes
3.Gwen Stefani
Fav band/s:1. Dawson High
2. Juliana Theory
3. Saves The Day
Fav song: Tiny Dancer- Elton John
Fav movie: Big money hustlas(even though i don't like ICP..er, any of those peoples(sort of, I guess)), Fight club
Fav hobby: Watch TV, and sit on my ass and make myself even fatter...lol
Fav sport: none...I hate sports
Fav video game: nothing.
Fav food: um...pizza
Fav candy: M&M's
Fav gum: Winterfresh
Fav flower: White Rose
Fav animal: Doggies/Fishies/Hampsters


Do you believe in....
Angels: yes
Ghosts: er...i guess?
Heaven: yes
Hell: yes
God: yes
Satan: er...I guess?
Aliens: no
Fairies: yes
Vampires: no
Any fairy tale creature: yes

*A little more personal*

Do you sleep with any stuffed animals (if so what?): sometimes...a pink bear.
Do you have a crush on anyone (if so who?): I used to like Josh P.
Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Nope...boys don't like me. :'(
Are you a virgin: Yep
Do you do drugs: er...kind of

Have you ever.....
Gotten drunk: nope
Done drugs: yup
Got into a fight: er..sort of..if you count me and kara in woodshop
Had sex: nope
Got arrested: nope
Got lost: yeah
Got shot: nope
Got stabbed: kinda
Had a job: nope
Had surgury: no


Who is your best friend: Kara, Alex
Who are some of your good friends: Kara , mary beth, jessica, Sammie, Fred (nicole), Erin, Megan, Jessica F, Nancy..and so on.

Do you think
about the person that sent this to you offline?:I kind of have to, she's my best friend. lol
Do you like the person who sent this to you?:She's my best friend
Would you ever go out with the person who sent this to you?: lol--sorry kara, but i don't swing that way.
Would you ever kiss the person who sent this to you?: ^^^
Would you ever do anything else?:hang out, lol.

Who is your...........Friend
Loudest: Jessica
Quitest: me
Most normal: erin
Most trustworthy: Kara
Weirdest: fred (nicole)
Craziest: mary beth
Funniest: all of them (most of all Megan...bbut kara makes me laugh more)
Oddest: Kara
Smartest: Kara (to me she is)
Dumbest: Me...lol
Hottest: er...
Dependable: Kara
Honest: KAra
Boring: Erin
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03:05am 14/04/2002
mood: exhausted
I like the new look Kara...It's cute
Live or Die???
01:42am 14/04/2002
mood: tired
I thought i would post in here....needs more posts.
I helped kara with some of the stuff...not all..but some.

Well, i shall go now, and continue asking kara, until she finaly answers :::hint hint:::

Live or Die???
tell me 
01:04am 14/04/2002
  ok well hi again ive changed alot of stuff in hear tell me if you like it and im going to change the icon too but in the mean time if you have any new ideas for the back round colors let me know thanks

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12:28am 14/04/2002
mood: accomplished
well im just saying hi havent really posted in hear in a while i really got to make this community something hmm er well i better go now c ya peoples now and if ya wanna post something go ahead it dosent matter what its about just keep posting thanks

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