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Life or Death?

Think about it for a minute.
What does it matter if your dead or alive anyway?
Sure people around you might matter some.
Death seems to play a much bigger part then life.
Because there's no knowing of what comes next or what it's like.
People feel more secure 'alive' because they're familiar with their surroundings.
Familiar with the faces and settings around them.
To an extent they know what happens.
So death being the oposite, what happens?
People say it's better, people say it's worse.
But why even bother thinking or worrying about it when your not going to know anything about it untill you get there?
I, personally, think optimism is a load of bullshit.
But why sit here wasteing your time thinking about something you can never have an answer to unless you experience it?
At the most, come up with endless possibilities.
In answer to the question, 'Life or Death?'
I don't think it matters at all.
It's the frame of mind you choose to go with.
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